Philadelphia and the pace of innovation

Exactly a year ago today, I worked my last day in corporate at a newspaper company and walked out the door to three days of technical unemployment before I started my new job at a startup on a Monday. Of course, those three days of unemployment were highlighted by a Saturday spent in Philadelphia at … Continue reading “Philadelphia and the pace of innovation”

There is no newspapers

I’ve been saying those words in person to people a lot lately: “There is no newspapers.” What’s it mean? It means that if you’re in the business of publishing pronouncements, predictions, prayers, analysis, criticism, or full on takedowns related to the current state of the newspaper industry, please understand that despite the convenience it would … Continue reading “There is no newspapers”

Only hire the best.

From Yoni Greenbaum, on the topic of outsourcing applications, the division of print and online newsrooms, and the hiring of online journalists: “We all know that, increasingly, online is where the money is, but it will take talent to earn it. I would urge newspapers to make sure they’re paying their online employees appropriately; if … Continue reading “Only hire the best.”

Is AP content still relevant on Web sites? – The Journalism Iconoclast

“Local and hyperlocal content are unique to specific publications. It’s the kind of content that is guaranteed to draw unique eyeballs. And it’s the kind of content that newspapers should be striving to produce.” – Can I get an Amen? Is AP content still relevant on Web sites? – The Journalism Iconoclast

If you can’t beat ’em, or buy ’em, use the API

Newspapers should produce amazing local databases with great maps, ratings and reviews. A newspaper company should buy Yelp. Yelp now has an open API. Newspapers should stop trying to develop something better, and use the API to provide users with Yelp’s functionality on their own sites, applied to their local businesses. Apply that logic everywhere … Continue reading “If you can’t beat ’em, or buy ’em, use the API”

Every newspaper’s killer app is going to be different

This is pretty basic, but it’s something I’ve been trying to get at recently: Every newspaper’s push into online innovation (Multimedia, Interactivity, Data) is going to be different, based on its resources (time, money, staff) and community (size, age, attitude). That should be obvious enough, right? What might work for a national paper like the … Continue reading “Every newspaper’s killer app is going to be different”

How to juggle multimedia and Digg interactivity

In two back-channel online news discussions this week, folks have been debating how newspapers should be gathering video and how they should handle comment moderation. The video discussion among Howard Owens, Mindy McAdams, and others, is notable because the question is no longer IF newspapers should be running video online (Yes) or HOW they should … Continue reading “How to juggle multimedia and Digg interactivity”